Dancer in red dress


Challenge, passion, empathy, inclusion, and growth are at the heart of everything BODYTRAFFIC does. We seek to elevate dance beyond an art form to a mode of exploration and celebration of ideas and spirit through movement.

Because, after all, without movement, nothing changes.


Training programs

BODYTRAFFIC is committed to championing new talent and empowering young voices through programs centered around self-discovery. We go beyond simply teaching techniques and professional advancement. We aim to instill an enduring curious spirit in our students that fuels the soul and inspires them to show up for themselves, wholly authentic and eager to learn more.

Every year, we uplift more than 500 students from diverse, vibrant backgrounds. Our faculty of leading national dance educators provide curriculum programs ranging from youth-focused intensive training, masterclasses, and professional development for established artists.


Dance for Everyone

We believe that dance is for everyone. With movement workshops tailored for all levels and abilities, creative aging classes that build community for aging adults, and both educational and sensory-friendly performances, our outreach programs simultaneously honor the individual and celebrate the beauty of connection.


BODYTRAFFIC’s In-School Partnerships offer students a bridge to the professional dance world. With choreographic residencies, open rehearsals, masterclasses, school assembly performances, and more, BODYTRAFFIC is committed to investing in the next generation of artists.

Dancer in red dress
Dancer in red dress
Support our programs

Our Scholarship Fund provides full and partial scholarships tuition scholarships to dancers in need, so everyone has a chance to experience the power of forward movement.

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